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What your dream home office looks like

dream home office Inspo

To fill the heels of a true lady boss, it’s imperative you have a home office that ticks all your boxes.

It's that essential space you feel ready to focus and concentrate when you decide to steer clear of the office and work from home, which more and more of us are doing.

To be all you can be you need to have that dedicated space in your home that promotes productivity and engages efficiency.

Of course, the question is how?

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you transform whatever space you have to play with into a super-productive haven you can go to get some serious work done and dusted.

Home Away From Home

In order to be truly efficient and get on with being mega-productive, you need to have an office that’s tucked away from the hustle and bustle of your home life; a space that you can walk into, shut the door and be able to focus on the work at hand.

Take a look at your home and figure out which underused room will make the best office. It doesn’t need to be a massive space, you just need somewhere quiet.Not only will this help you work more effectively, it will help you achieve a better work/life balance because they’ll be formally separated.

Functionality & Practicality

Let’s get real for a second: The point of having an office is to have a space that’s great for working in, which is what makes practicality and functionality so important. You need to have somewhere that helps you achieve the best results.

You NEED to be organised! That means opting for a desk with lots of drawer space, lots of shelves and a filing cabinet. Whiteboards and desk organisers are another good example of things that will help. Make a list of things you need and then start shopping.

If you need to clear out some junk from your space, professional waste removers like 1300 Rubbish, can make it easy to get organised.

Somewhere You Want to Work

Yes, practicality and functionality are super-important, but they’re not everything. You want to work somewhere that makes you feel good. So get the desk you want, buy a nice rug, shop now for that hygge feel and invest in some interesting art to get inspired.

Make Your Office Green Again

You don’t need to be an academic or a scientist to know the best way to make your workspace the happiest and healthiest place on earth is through the power of Mother Nature. Try utilising the power of houseplants by popping a bonsai tree on your desk or filling a wall with herbs. If that doesn’t work, or you have an inability to keep plants alive, try hanging a piece of nature-based art on your walls or painting your walls a light green colour.

Click here for tips on getting that pinterest-worthy office you've always dreamed of!


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