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These Design Trends Will Transform Your Bedroom

Style may be the priority for the entire house, but your bedroom is your shrine, so comfort becomes the primary focus for the room. There are some things that help you blend style and comfort to get a bedroom that is both a modern space and a relaxation room.

Here are some of the biggest Australian design trends of 2020 that will help you transform your bedroom into an oasis:

Use high-quality fabrics on everything

From the small carpets on the floor to the drapes and all the way to your linens, using high-quality fabrics will take you a long way. 2020 will be focused on powerful design trends and quality will be of the utmost importance because simple designs stand out because of the details. Moreover, this is something you will feel first-hand and it will give your sleeping experience a big comfort boost. For instance, your sheets are a key element for your bedroom because they represent the central element of the room. You will observe the quality visually, but you will also feel it all over your body when you are in bed. So, go all in! Get yourself the best silk pillowcase in Australia and lying in bed will be an extravagant sensation both visually and sensory.

Lighting sets the tone, so experiment with it!

Another key trend in 2020 is transparency in design, so let the light shine in, in all the most delightful shades. If you have big windows, it’s time to put them to good use. You can experiment with extra fine curtains of various off-white shades and minute patterns.

Combine white curtains with light beige ones and you will get mixed lighting in your room that you can adapt. Install the curtains one over the other, but on separate rails so that you can decide later on which type of lighting should be the dominant one.

You can personalize the lighting to set the mood for the entire room by hanging curtains of various lengths and installing bold tying systems.

Symmetry is not of the essence in 2020, so you can get as creative as you want.

The absence of lighting is even more important

Your bedroom has to be useful both during the day and during the night. It is a place of relaxation, comfort, but most importantly, it is a place for sleep. The one element that can make or break your sleeping pattern is light, or rather the absence of it. Aside from your off-white curtains, you need thick lush drapes that can put the sun away at any given hour of the day. These are on opportunity to be bold in your bedroom design. While your silk sheets and your curtains are in warm light colors, your drapes can be in contrast. Go with colder tones like eucalyptus green for your drapes to make an impression.

Bring the outside in and go green!

2020 is going to be focused on green design and natural colors, so bring nature into your home and intro your bedroom. Statement plants are an absolute must. It can be a delicate bonsai tree, a tall and strong ficus, yucca, or philodendron, or Rapunzel ivy. The essential element is that it be placed in one of the key parts of the room. You should avoid plants with flowers in the bedroom for heath reasons, but you can experiment all you want with green plants. Pair your plant with a cloud-shaped chandelier to really make the nature stand pop.

Enhance your wellbeing by setting the tone

Wellness is going to be huge in the design trends of 2020. We have less and less free time, so we might as well make the best out of it, right? Aside from natural lighting, the quality of the interior lighting in your bedroom will have a huge impact on your mood. Install a lamp that adjusts the light intensity according to the natural circadian rhythm and it will help you feel better and even sleep better.

You should also have a reading lamp next to your bed or the armchair where you sit down with a good book.

Having proper lighting for your reading time will help you preserve your eye health.

Each and every element in your bedroom should be made for your wellness in 2020 and beyond. This is the biggest trend in Australian design for the year to come. Focus on green design, both by bringing in actual green plants and by using high-quality materials for your bedroom décor. Experiment with lighting, both exterior and interior and install drapes that can make the room pitch black when you need it.

Use natural colors to create a relaxing environment and turn your bedroom into an oasis.

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