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The real reason for your back pain

Your back is something you take completely for granted- until you experience a problem you don't realise just how important it is! A healthy back allows you to stand, walk and run. It allows you to twist, move and get up and down easily. When you start feeling pain, it can massively affect your entire life. Most back pain is short term and not serious, but there are some instances where it’s worth seeking medical help.

Here are some reasons your back could be hurting.

You’ve sustained an injury

Anyone can sustain a back injury, even if you’re otherwise fit and healthy. A sharp twist, picking a heavy object up the wrong way or a fall can all cause micro tears in the muscles leaving your back feeling incredibly sore and stiff. Back injuries are common, and in most cases will heal up on their own in a few weeks and don't require any professional medical treatment. It’s advised that you stay lightly active when you hurt your back, resting in bed can actually make things worse. You might wake up with a bad back and not realise you hurt yourself the day before, but have a think about your previous activity.

You’re out of shape

Carrying too much extra weight and lacking in muscle tone can lead to back pain, particularly if you have a lot of weight around your middle. When your stomach leans forward due to its weight and your back muscles are weak, it can pull your spine out of alignment- creating an exaggerated curve in the small of the back. This is often felt as pinching and aching pains in the back of the hips and the lower back which it worse when standing or walking, but eases up when sitting down. Losing even a little weight and hitting the gym can completely eradicate this kind of pain.

Your mattress needs replacing

Another way your spine can be forced out of alignment, causing aches and pains is because of your mattress. Old mattresses tend to sag in the area that your hip sits, and sleeping in this dip can be bad news for your back. It’s recommended that your mattress is replaced every eight years, if you’re due a new one then make this a priority. Search for a mattress sale online if you’re on a budget. It’s not just a luxury its essential for good health, not only will it improve your back but you’ll get more sleep too on a comfortable mattress.

You have a kidney infection

The kidneys are large organs that filter the blood and sift out waste products and extra water. They’re located in the back, and so in some cases, back pain can be a sign of a kidney infection. If you’ve been suffering with a urine infection then it’s a huge clue, sometimes the bacteria in these water infections can travel up to the kidneys. This is something that needs urgent care from a doctor, if you suspect a kidney infection then get to your doctor or emergency clinic.


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