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The Melbourne skin clinic you need to visit

Want to get to know your skin on a deeper level?

Well, if you're a Melbournite or hail from Ballarat, you need to visit Clinica Lase.

As the name suggests, the space has a more clinical feel. The treatments still send me into a serious state

of Zen, but for a long time problem-skin sufferer like me, the medical approach gives me a greater comfort that I’m doing something to get serious results. Another surprise is their holistic approach to achieving flawless skin.

Despite delivering medical grade products and services, the Clinica Lase clinicians may suggest seeing a naturopath or nutritionist to compliment the treatment they give. I love the idea of treating skin from the inside, out and that is the exact ethos at Clinica Lase.

The technology utilised at Clinica Lase is for me, the biggest point of difference. My initial consult began with having various pictures of my face taken on the VISIA complexion analysis system. This device can see deeper than the human eye analysing skin hydration levels, texture, pores, wrinkles, inflammation and spots. The results gives your clinician a better idea of how to treat you going forward, and in my case highlighted an area of concern with dehydration.

The VISIA also gives you your true skin age -

DAUNTING! But according to VISIA, I’m a full year younger!

My biggest skin problems have always been inflammation and hormonal acne around my mouth and chin.

VISIA helped us identify the problems and the team at Clinica Lase then recommended mixture of treatments that included chemical peels, LED light therapy and PICO Genesis laser treatment as well as some home care.

Chemical peels are used to resurface my skin and promote regeneration of skin cells, this is good for all over resurfacing but especially for my problem areas. The LED light therapy is mindblowing - a non-invasive treatment that uses LED light to treat acne, sun damage and aging. It is one of the safest and most affordable ways to achieve younger-looking skin, so it’s really just a must have!

I also received PICO Genesis laser treatment. This cutting-edge technology is perfect for general rejuvenation but they are able to customise a treatment to focus on my acne. 

My favourite part of this regime is that there is absolutely zero downtime required. I’m almost always rushing off to another appointment or meeting afterwards, so being able to put makeup on and head off is huge for me.

Home care is vital of course, and Clinica Lase stock a range of top-tier products for purchase after treatment. I’ve found amazing results using products from Cosmedix and Aspect Dr in particular. Don’t be put off by the price points of these products, you only require the smallest amount each application, meaning they last longer than cheaper ranges. Ask one of the delightful ladies on staff for recommendations on what would be best for your skin.

Clinica Lase offer a wide range of treatments including fillers, tattoo removal, laser hair removal, electrolysis and fat dissolving injections.

For more information or to book a consult, head to or call 1300 513 913



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