• Stéphanie Pérèle

The 3 types of bras you need in your wardrobe

Stéphanie Pérèle, Creative director of Simone Pérèle shares the 3 types of bras every woman needs in her wardrobe.

A Tshirt bra

Perfect for every day wear under almost anything! Our Caresse 3D contour bra is a must-have for every woman's bra collection.

A soft cup

We all need a bra that's comfortable and easy to wear, especially during the weekend when we feel more free in our movements. A soft cup is perfect for this!

Simone Perele soft cup bra
A soft cup is comfortable and easy to wear

I also love our soft cup sport bra Harmony: feeling so sexy wearing it, even when you do exercise.

A Moulded underwire bra

molded underwire bra
A moulded underwire bra gives shape while maintaining comfort

For a rounder shape that's very feminine and still invisible under your shirt because it’s moulded.

A Strapless bra

simone perele strapless bra
The right strapless bra should be comfortable!

It’s always important to have a strapless bra in your wardrobe. When you wear a shirt that is low in the back or transparent on the shoulders, I really don’t like to see the straps, so strapless is the solution!

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