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Taking your home office out of your home

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In case you hadn't realised, working from home is THE trend of the century. While this was only an option for very few as little as ten years ago, it's now not unusual to be home-based. Whether you work on a remote basis or started your own company this way, it can be the ideal way to achieve the work-life you want.

This surge in home working has led to endless advice about how to get your home office the way you want. Not surprising given that work spaces impact everything from mindset to professional image. But, we're not here to rehash advice you've already heard. Instead, we're going to suggest that you could actually benefit from taking your home office out of the home.

By making use of your outside space, you could find a whole load more home-based benefits. Of course, we aren't talking about a shed in the corner of your garden. By seeking planning permission for a granny flat, you could develop an out of house working space complete with kitchen and bathroom.

But, we know what you’re thinking; why bother with these options when you have a perfectly good office inside your house? Well, there's a few different reasons why breaking out could benefit your office...

Increased productivity

Productivity is key in any business, isn’t it? Yet, this tends to be one of those things which home-based entrepreneurs struggle with the most. That’s because the family home is a busy place! Chances are that, if you set up shop here, you’ll be liable to all manner of distractions. One minute, the phone will start ringing. The next, the postman will knock on your door. Then, one of the kids will see you out and want attention. You get the point. Often, an in-home based home office can lead from one distraction to another. And, that can have a shocking impact on your productivity during each working day. With an office in your backyard, though, you’ll be free from many of those distractions. The home phone will be well out of your hearing, and the postman won’t be able to disturb you. This can free you up to get double the work done every single day. And, that can help you to excel in a way which you never could if you were trying to work inside your house.

Less chance of family mishaps

While we’re on the subject of family distractions, note that taking your home office out of the house can help to prevent any family mishaps. The last thing you want is for your kids to wander in behind you while you’re on a Skype call with an important client.

girl interrupts skype call

Even worse, an office within the family home could see youngsters thinking important work files would be good for colouring. It’s a cliche, but only because it happens so often. When you take your office outside, though, there’s far less chance of the same thing happening. That’s because the clear divide between home and your office should be enough to keep kids away. A sturdy lock on your outside office should also serve you better than a flimsy attempt to secure an in-home alternative. This way, you’ll never have to explain to a client why you’ve lost their documents days before a deadline.

More of a work/life divide

Maintaining a work/life divide is, by far, the hardest thing about working at home. When your office is right next door to your bedroom, it can be challenging to get your business head on at the start of every day.

Equally, it can be a challenge to switch off when you walk past your office door late at night. The temptation to check your emails is always there, and it could see you suffering from burnout in no time. As soon as you take your office outside, you should find that a work/life divide follows. That’s because it ensures you can achieve that ‘heading out to work’ vibe. Though it isn’t a commute as such, walking to your outside office would help you to get into a working mindset. Leaving your office and locking up at the same time each day also draws a definite line under your work efforts and makes way for relaxation.

A more professional place to host clients

Last but not least, taking your home office outside can also provide a professional space for client meetings. Bringing clients into the heart of your family home is always tricky. At the very least, it can make them on edge and less liable to buy whatever you're selling. It’s also a sure way to ruin your professional image. By comparison, an outside office is a step removed. Clients will be able to meet with you here without ever needing to set foot in your house. That can help you to keep up that all-important professional image. It also ensures clients only see the decor which you’ve chosen for your specific work environment.

There’s no denying the benefits that a move like this could bring. It’s a small step which could boost your business no end. If you’re starting something new, this could be the move which gets you off the ground. If you’re working remotely, this will ensure you’re always able to impress. At the very least, taking your office out of the home could ensure you stay sane at every stage of your home working journey.


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