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Sustainable activewear designer, Jasmine Gescheit shares trends for 2021

We spend 5 minutes with Jasmine Gescheit of Jasmine Alexa talking sustainable fashion, her advice for budding designers and the key trends for this year.

Jasmine Gescheit
Jasmine Gescheit

Where does your passion for style and sustainability come from?


I've always loved fashion, even from a young age. I remember sitting with my Mum when she would sew and I would take the fabric scraps and make little outfits for my dolls. I was enamoured by the process of having an idea and making it come to life.

As an adult, fashion has become my way of self-expression, an identity. I love how fashion has the power to make me feel good from the inside out – how wearing a bright colour will boost my mood or wearing the perfect fitting jacket will make me feel empowered.

Fashion has the ability to make us feel our best and I want this for the Jasmine Alexa community.


Unfortunately fashion is the one of the biggest polluting industries, second only to the oil industry!! I feel that as a fashion designer, it is my responsibility to design and create sustainable pieces to play my part. Whilst Jasmine Alexa is not perfect, we have implemented many sustainable practices into the business plus we have many future conscious plans still to come and are excited to be on the journey of becoming a more sustainable brand.


What sets Jasmine Alexa apart from the rest?


We are driven by the importance of both mental and physical wellbeing. Our garments are designed to keep up with our community through timeless and elegant designs, luxe fabrics and quality craftsmanship, to ultimately make them feel their best from the inside out.

We also encourage our community to feel comfortable and safe to talk about mental health and how it impacts all of us.

Through our platform This is me, we have opened a discussion of what mental health means to us and our community, allowing for women from all walks of life to share their mental health journeys together.


What are the key activewear trends for 2021?


Colour palettes of rich neutrals, rust, olive, tan, burnt orange and camel are making their way to the forefront.

sustainable activewear
Olive, rust & neutrals are the key trends for 2021

Comfort is key but without compromising on style. We are seeing the uprise of elegant yet comfortable activewear and leisurewear that can be worn all-day and easily take you from AM to PM.


Looser silhouettes like wide leg pants, oversized slouchy tops and relaxed shirts.


Textures such as ribbing is elevating the usual standard flat finishes, and making its

mark in both activewear and leisurewear


What would your main piece of advice be for women wanting to start their own label?


My 2 biggest pieces of advice are to immerse yourself in as much learning as you can. Talk to people who are where you want to be and pick their brain, read books/articles, attend seminars, listen to podcasts etc. Knowledge is the key to building a business smartly and safely.


Secondly, always trust your instinct! If something doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t.

What does the future hold for Jasmine Alexa?


Jasmine Alexa are on the path to making This is me a bigger aspect of the business. We pride ourselves on being more than just a clothing brand, but rather a part of our communities lives to helping them be the best versions of themselves.

We have so many exciting plans to make this happen plus some partnerships with charities and other brands to help this vision to come to life.


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