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She has breakfast with Table of Plenty

table of plenty

I’ve always been a breakfast person. I often wake up really hungry so a big bowl of cereal or oats with my morning coffee really sets me up for the day!

With diets and ‘fitspo’ taking over social media these days, I worry that many girls are setting themselves unattainable standards when it comes to their weight. Personally, I am anti ANY diet that fully restricts the consumption of any food group. I will NEVER deny myself the pleasure of eating a delicious piece of sweet chocolate cake or a slice of white toast slathered with butter. I understand some people have intolerance’s or allergies, but let’s get real- not everyone who goes gluten free, sugar free, pretty much FUN FREE actually needs to.

In my opinion, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I’m no expert. So I asked Australian actress and qualified nutritionist Tahyna Tozzi-McManus to give me her thoughts….

tahyna tozzi

“If you’re conscious about healthy eating and healthy weight management, breakfast should be on your radar…Breakfast should be enough to give you an energy boost and get your digestive juices going without slowing you down…I personally always include fruit and some sort of protein (yogurt, milk, even nuts and super grains). Give your body a chance to wake up, have a glass of water and LISTEN to what your body truly needs”.

When health food company, Table of Plenty approached me to trial their products, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to show you girls some of my favourite breakfast meals and encourage you to develop a good relationship with the most important meal of the day!

Table of Plenty was created by the inspirational Kate Weiss. Click here to read more about how Kate left her corporate job and started Table of Plenty to be the Mother her child with Rubenstein-Taybi Syndrome needed. Kate’s inspiring story and sheer talent is what earned her the Telstra Business Women’s Owner Award in 2014.

My two favourite ways to include Table of Plenty into my breakfast are:

Scrambled eggs with Table of Plenty Pistachio Dukkah sprinkled on top

I added some butter, spinach and mushrooms then garnished with spring onions.

table of plenty dukkah

Yogurt and berries with Table of Plenty Nicely Nutty Muesli

I had my muesli with Almond Milk, vanilla yogurt, banana, strawberries then sprinkled some chia seeds and cinnamon on top! YUM!

breakfast inspiration

Also, for a little treat with your morning tea, try Table of Plenty’s ‘Pure Dark Chocolate Mini Rice Cakes’!

They’re a no-guilt snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Table of Plenty is available at Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets around Australia.

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