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Redesigning your office post lockdown

As some of us head back to the office, you may be wondering how to keep your employees working efficiently, but at a safe distance.

This could mean you need to redesign your space to accomodate new guidelines and keep your staff feeling comfortable and safe at work.

Here's a few ideas to get the ball rolling...

Consider new furniture options

You can revitalise any office space by investing in some new furniture. Think about how you hold meetings at present. You probably have a big conference table with corporate-style chairs placed around it?

Imagine how different your company meetings would be if you had an area with low, round seating, like a semi-circle sofa. This will ensure everyone is comfortable and on the same playing field. You can use Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal to get rid of your old furniture cheaply and efficiently.

Promote collaboration

Office design today needs to promote collaboration. You need to create a relaxed environment where employees can easily work together without any barriers in the way. More and more businesses are moving towards comfortable chairs and intimate surroundings, as opposed to the upright, formal conference settings we are used to seeing. Still working from home? Read how your team can collaborate remotely here.

Mother nature

Bring the outdoors in with plants and flowers, and integrate natural elements into the design of your workplace, such as outdoor office extensions, living walls, water features and salvaged wood. Biophilic design elements have benefits that are real and measurable in terms of human performance metrics, including healing, learning, stress reduction, emotional well being and productivity.

What happens to the filing room?

More and more companies and departments are moving their physical files to the cloud. The only exceptions are industries that are heavily regulated, for example, healthcare and finance. Cloud-based storage gives you more flexibility with regards to office design, as you reduce the space that is required for storage, filing, copying and printing. You should think about how you are going to creatively repurpose the filing room. Perhaps it could be a huddle workspace for projects or a small conference room?

Desks with good storage space

Look for desks for your office that are extremely versatile and offer a lot of storage space. This ensures your employees have plenty of space to store their documents and alike. They can even place a photograph of their family on the desk or any other personal item. This enables all employees to create a space that is personalised to them and that boosts their efficiency.


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