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New study shows Australian's are TOO STRESSED

how to reduce stress

We live in a society where being busy is worn as a badge of honour.

Unfortunately, becoming stressed and burnt out is the natural consequence of being perpetually busy.

According to a new study, Australian's stress most about family, finance, work and health. For me personally, it's finance and work. As hard as we try sometimes circumstances are beyond our control, which can make it even more stressful and harder to get a grip on.

A new nationwide research commissioned by Entity Health of 1000 Australians shows almost a fifth of respondents are highly anxious, claiming they experience stress at least five times a week. 

Following this study, Australian nutraceutical company, Entity Health, are encouraging people to escape the pressures of life with RevitaliX. A supplement which helps reduce the effects of stress and anxiety by using a unique blend of red and black maca.

Dr Iain Cook, Chief Scientist at Entity Health, said the pace and pressures of modern life can be exhausting, and people are increasingly looking for natural solutions to help their mood, which is exactly what RevitaliX is.

“It’s normal for people to experience occasional anxiety. In fact, stress and anxiety are highly common, but chronic stress may be harmful,” Dr Cook said.

RevitaliX helps reduce the levels of cortisol in the body, while also regulating dopamine and serotonin production to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, allowing the user to feel a sense of calm almost immediately.

As well as reducing cortisol in the body, the hero ingredient in RevitaliX, maca, comprises GABA, employs a calming effect on the nervous system. This is vital for the control of stress, which subsequently alleviates the symptoms of poor mood.


“People are looking for natural solutions that actually work. With Entity Health, you can actually feel the difference our products make. All of our products are developed based on clinical evidence,” said Eva Tan, Commercial Director at Entity Health.

A natural product having SCIENTIFIC backing is a huge plus for me. Life is stressful enough as it is, so if there's something out there that can ease your anxiety and improve your overall wellbeing, there is NO SHAME or harm in trying it.

For more information or other enquiries, head to Entity Health's website


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