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In ISO with Rachael Finch

bod by rachael finch

We catch up with model, business owner and Mum, Rachael Finch to see what life looks like for her in isolation...

Jordy: How are you finding this strange time?

rachael finch business
Rachael shares her daily routine in isolation

Rachael: It’s interesting because I am very much a homebody at heart so a part of me is really loving the time at home to just be in my favourite place in the world and I feel like I am regaining a lot of energy and I am really giving myself a deep cleanse.

It includes 100% home cooked meals, a good routine, lots of family time and lots of love.

A part of me absolutely loves this time, another part of me really misses travel. Just being able to jump in the car and do a road trip somewhere and explore unique and interesting places around the country and the world.

So, the travel I am probably craving the most but other than that I am coping well because I’m a homebody and I love just being in this space.

Jordy: What does a day in ISO look like for you?

Rachael: It’s a lot fuller than it was before isolation because we run our online business from home, and that hasn’t changed. We have home schooling with Violet plus Dom, so it usually starts at 6am when the family wake up, I spend 20 minutes meditating before going downstairs to have a large glass of lemon water.

I then take Simba for a walk, have breakfast and once that’s done, work commences. We then have a break and get our workout done on the balcony or get outside for a long walk somewhere or in the park before coming home for more playtime, more activities, homework or customer service or whatever business-related work I have.

The afternoon is usually a wind down period, so I might give the kids a bit of screen time. Either cartoons, music, whatever they want to watch and then prepare for dinner, bath and bed routine.


: What are some simple ways to stay fit and healthy during this time?

Rachael: I think routine in this circumstance is more important than ever, I have discovered that it's really helped me complete all my daily tasks. If time isn’t allocated to make healthy meals, workout, meditation then you’re probably not going to do it. Make it a habit, make it a routine and practise it daily.

Jordy: Your clothing range seems like the perfect ISO attire, what pieces are you living in?

Rachael: I pretty much live in the Goals hoodie in the grey colour from the Refresh Collection. It's super comfy, oversized, baggy, couch appropriate but also takeaway coffee appropriate and perfect dog walking attire. It’s so cosy and really warm.

bod by finch goals grey hoodie
Rachael in the Goals hoodie

Jordy: What are you most looking forward to, when this ends?

Rachael: I'm most looking forward to travel and visiting somewhere like a health retreat. I just love exploring. I don’t love the air travel so much, I really notice the difference in my body when I’m not in planes but I am craving exploration and a journey.

rachael finch


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