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Gift ideas for your pregnant colleague

gift ideas for pregnant colleague

Nadine Tuback from Adexa's Treasure shows us how to handle office politics & nail that maternity gift.

Buying the perfect gift for a colleague or employee can be tricky. You’ve known each other for years but it’s always been strictly professional.  Or, perhaps you’re the type of friends who used to hit the bar for Friday drinks, but comparing philosophies on motherhood was never one of your key conversation topics. You want to get her something she’ll like but you really have no idea what she needs.

Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem. Buy something that allows freedom and flexibility.

New mum's end up with a lot of stuff they can’t use. Whether it is a onesie (or 10) that are two sizes too small or a teething ring that isn’t useful for another six months, many gifts are too specific. Not to mention, freedom and flexibility are some of the pre-baby things that many new mums miss the most!

Here are some of my top tips for easy gift ideas that will be right on the money for any new mum, including Brenda from the office.

Give choice

Every mum is an individual, right?  Some are go-with-the-flow types.  Others stick to strict routines.  Some like cute designer baby wear,  others couldn’t care less.  Who knows what kind of mum Brenda will be!  If you’re a little unsure of what your colleague might be into, giving the gift of choice solves the issue. 

While gift certificates can seem a little impersonal, gift books like the ones from Adexa’s Treasure are the perfect balance of thoughtful and practical!  Allow your colleague to pour over a range of unique gift ideas and select the best one to suit her needs at the time.

gift ideas for new mums

Give flexibility at home

When a new baby arrives, old family life can fly out the window.  Maintaining some semblance of order can be extremely challenging and mum's often feel immense pressure to have all bases covered.  Gifts like healthy meal deliveries can help new mum's balance the normal household chores with the new responsibility of keeping a tiny human alive.  Removing the pressure to be “all over it” and allowing mothers to be more relaxed and flexible with their time, is priceless.

Give freedom from the daily grind

Wake.   Feed.  Change nappy.  Play.  Repeat.  Repeat for months on end.  While babies are delightfully cute and totally worth the googly eyes, caring for them can get just a tad repetitive.  Gifting experiences that mum and bub can share together will keep their time fun and stimulating!  Activities like music classes and swimming lessons are the perfect mama-bubba bonding gifts.

Give the opportunity for self-love

Chances are, bub is already plenty spoiled.  Why not spoil the mum-to-be instead?  She might not know it yet, but she’s going to need it!  New mum's often put their own needs aside while they learn to care for a new baby.  That’s why gifts that provide the opportunity for a mum to care for her own mental, emotional and physical well being are so valued!  Gym passes with included creche care, postnatal physio consultations and skincare pamper packages will go a long way to making your colleague feel like a human again after bub arrives.

Give reprieve from responsibility

Sometimes you just need a break.  Sometimes you need to reconnect with yourself or your partner.  Gifts involving babysitting services are gold.  Treat your colleague to some time away from bub so that they can go out to dinner, a movie, or a kayak down the river...whatever floats their boat!

So there you have it - freedom and flexibility - the secret to the office maternity gift!

So, on Brenda’s last day, don’t be that colleague giving the cutesy stuffed toy or the person giving yet another swaddling cloth.  Be the person who gets it.  Be the person who nails it!  Be the person who makes Brenda want to give you a high-five in the hall.


nadine tuback adexa's treasure

Nadine Tuback is a mum of two young kidlets, a journalist and the founder of Adexa’s Treasure gift books, a brand-new concept in gifting for new mums and bubs. Adexa’s Treasure gift books are a thoughtful way to give mum the choice of what she really wants or needs following the birth of a new bub.

Follow Adexa's Treasure on Instagram or check out their website here.


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