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Getting decisive about design

There’s always new home decor trends to keep up with. A new style here, a new colour scheme there, minimalist, functional, how do you know what you are? Should you even try to pick a style?

Let's take a look at the latest styles to see if you fall one way or the other. From Hygge living rooms to the latest Garage door design trends, we’ve got you covered.

Here are four of the top design musts for this 2019 and how you can achieve them in your own home.

Back to basics

In an age obsessed with gadgetry and technology, there's been something of a push back in the last few months with the types of material being used to decorate homes. Instead of modern, functional material we’re looking at a return to nature, with stone and wood that arrives untreated for a more rustic feel.

exposed brick

Think wooden tables with the natural curvature of the trunk and stone fireplaces that look like they’re freshly hewn from a quarry. This look also includes lots of metal work such as brass and copper for an industrial look that sits perfectly within the natural ambience. Uncover those copper pipes and use them for anything from picture frames to creating pan hangers in the kitchen.

And while this look is very much a move away from technology, by using a few smart disguises you’ll be able to have your Alexa smart speaker hidden away, after all it’s a look not a lifestyle.


Does this Scandinavian style ever really go out of fashion? While a big fan of using wood and natural materials the Hygge style, which roughly translates as cosy, means creating comfort, a lot of comfort. The best image we can give you is of a cosy ski chalet resplendent with wooden walls and floors, with a lot of cushions, throws and rugs and of course, with a roaring open fire.

Once you have that image in your mind, you can go from there. While the idea of Hygge styling might seem homely and quaint, a lot of its success depends on sourcing high quality material. If you’re a big fan of throws and cushions, them this is a great style for you. Select a main colour, contrasting colour and neutral colour and fill your sofas and armchairs accordingly.

In terms of accessories, in a similar way to the natural look, you’ll want hand crafted naturally-sourced table wear that is unique in its construction and design. It doesn’t even have to be particularly delicate or attractive so long as it maintains a kind of rugged authenticity.

Multipurpose rooms

If Hygge is all about reliability and security in design, then this next trend is precisely the opposite. The need for moveable rooms that can be flexible in their design and use has only increased as today’s modern dwellings, particularly in the overcrowded cities, have decreased in floor space.

No longer are you able to sprawl out and expect your home to accommodate both a living room and a dining room, in the age of apartment living this is a luxury that’s long gone. Gone, maybe but not forgotten as the smart designers have sought to answer the age-old problem of creating space out of nothing.

multipurpose room
A multipurpose room

Other smart designs include desks that also fold out into a double bed and height adjustable folding coffee tables. The emphasis on these pieces is their clever functionality. It’s not just that they’re a desk or a bed or a table, they’re smart and they’re interesting to look at to boot.

Then we come to the moveable wall idea, a feature that can transform one room into another by a simple switch around.

You might have them mounted into the wall so you can slide them around to open or close off spaces or you might have them on wheels for independent movement. It’s a clever, functional and exceptionally stylish way of shutting out the kitchen from your cooking endeavours and creating an intimate dining area for guests with just a quick movement.

Boho for all

If you’re really stuck and can’t make up your mind or simply prefer an eclectic and more relaxed feel to your living space, then you’re going to love boho chic. Now you can all go out and throw in swathes of colour, mismatched furniture and unique one-offs from art galleries and antique shops or you can go for a kind of boho-lite option which incorporates many of these elements but with a little more control.

Again, pick your main, secondary and neutral colour and let your imagination soar. Don’t be held back by budget at either end of the spectrum. If you’re rummaging through an antique store and find something small but perfect for your look, then buy it and find somewhere to display it proudly.

Finding accessories and items that you love is at the heart of the boho look. In terms of furniture, think wood, lots of space to display books, posters and unconventional wall art. Contrary to what you might expect, boho doesn’t necessarily mean clutter and mess it can have a minimalist edge to it, with some bespoke furniture, artisanal lamps and furnishings and some statement art.

So, if none of the above appeals to you or you’re taken with elements of each then plan your room accordingly. Find the best lifestyle bloggers and see where their designs leave you and start your planning process.

If you love the natural approach but aren’t sure about exposing your floorboards then why not take a leaf out of the Hygge design book and opt for deep, luxurious rugs and carpets that will leave your feet feeling extremely grateful during the cold weather.


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