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Fun things to plan for life after ISO

You may have wanted to plan an awesome adventure globetrotting for this year, but the harsh reality is that COVID-19 will stop most, if not all travel for the rest of 2020. You can't be blamed if this has left you feeling pretty down, most of us live for our mid-year getaway.

So let's give you some ideas on how to use this time to plan your next adventure when this ends...

Plan an end of ISO Party

What better way to celebrate the end of isolation than with an amazing party?! The events industry will have been hit really hard with this disaster, so why not support a local event stylist? You can very easily get some affordable DJs and hire a venue so you can see all of your friends and family again.

Focus On The Positives

No one is going to make it out of this unscathed. Many will lose their jobs and we'll all feel the mental affects of being isolated from our family and friends. Why not start every day with writing a list of things you're grateful for? Or the things you're most looking forward to doing when isolation ends? This will help start your day in a positive mindset.

Put your skills to use

The beauty of the internet means there are ways to make money online. It may not be as much as your usual wage, but every bit helps in times like these. Teach English online or start a niche blog, there are plenty of resources on our social media page to help you get started.

Plan your next trip

The best way to support the travel industry is by putting money into it now! You can do this by buying vouchers with airlines or hotels that you can use at a later stage.

When this ends, we'll realise that we have changed in so many ways, but we'll all still have the urge to travel and see the world, so why not start planning that next trip now.

She Does This is committed to providing helpful, insightful & inspiring content during this tough time. Check out our AT HOME page for tips on working and living better while isolating.


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