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Easy ways to keep your home organised

Here are a few easy tips that can help you transform your home into the neat and lovely abode you desire.

Clean as You Go

Some examples of cleaning as you go include:

  • Washing the dishes and wiping kitchen surfaces as you wait for the water to boil or food to simmer.

  • Letting your Roborock vacuum run while you tidy up your bedroom.

  • Re-arranging throw pillows on your couch before going to bed.

  • Having the kids return toys to their respective places after they are done playing.

Never leave a room empty-handed. Look for things that need to be returned to the room you are headed. For instance, if you are going to the kitchen, take any cups in the living room with you.

Implement the One-Touch Rule

Another rule of thumb for keeping a tidy home is implementing the one-touch rule. This means that you only touch items once when you get into the house.

For example, when you get home from the office, resist the temptation to put your coat on the couch. Instead, take it to your room and hang it in the closet.

Clear Flat Surfaces

A trick that people use to make their homes look magazine-ready is to keep flat surfaces clear. Clear counters and tables are visually appealing and give the illusion of neatness and organization.

If you find it difficult to maintain clear counters, you should consider decluttering your home. Having a place for everything in your home makes it much easier to keep things off the counter. It would also be best if you also followed the one in one out rule. This means that you should toss something else out when you bring a new item to your home. This will help you add space to your house.

Have a Cleaning System in Place

If you wait for your home to become extremely dirty so you can clean it, you will likely feel overwhelmed when it is time to clean. A smart way to get around this obstacle is to have a cleaning system. This means breaking down the big cleaning tasks and doing them on different days.

For instance, you can decide to do laundry on Saturday, fold it on Sunday, clean bathtubs and sinks on Mondays, and sweep and wipe floors on Tuesday. Your house will never be too dirty with such a system, and cleaning will become more manageable.

Keeping a house clean requires a bit of discipline and a driving desire to live in a neat space. You can start by following the tips on this blog and watch your home become less cluttered and remarkably clean.


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