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Digital Marketing tips from ADMA Data Day

adma data day

If you follow my Instagram you’ll know I attend the ADMA Data Day last week at the Crown Promenade in Melbourne. With a lineup of speakers that included some of Australia’s most senior marketing managers (many of whom were FEMALE!), I was excited to get some digital marketing tips from the best of the best.

Now anyone who knows me will know numbers aren’t my strength. I can’t analyse data, statistics are lost on me, in fact I’m pretty sure I have some sort of mathematical dyslexia going on (is that even a thing?).

So admittedly I was nervous that a lot of this day was going to go right over my head.

In actuality, I learned A LOT. So many valuable insights into how we can use all these online tools to our advantage, in turn benefiting our businesses!

So here are my top tips learned from the day – in real language- that ANYONE can understand and put into practice.

1. Create content that acquires an audience, then suggest more meaningful articles once they’re on your page.

Karen Giuliani, Head of Marketing at BT Financial gave an incredible talk on how to acquire new audiences and customers through blog posts. The example used was an article posted by BT on ‘Growing old without feeling old with Maggie Beer’. Using good SEO, BT Financial was able to acquire an audience to this post and then suggest financial services relevant to the reader while they were there. A simple way of employing this technique is to create a sidebar or link at the end of your posts with a ‘You may also be interested in….’ link.

It’s all about keeping the audience on your site until they feel comfortable buying your product or service.

2. Invest in a loyalty program

Director of Loyalty & Direct Media at Woolworths, Ingrid Maes shed light on just how important it is to make customers feel valued. A study showed that loyalty programs are at the forefront of a customers mind when deciding where to spend their money. I for one LOVE a good loyalty program and enjoy the benefits of them. I’m a part of Flybuys and Velocity Frequent Flyer to name a few…You don’t need to spend huge amounts of money on a fancy app though. It can be as simple as giving customers a discount for every 5th purchase or sending them a voucher on their birthday. Giving back to your customers for investing their money in your business is important.

3. Think about GEOGRAPHY when creating an online campaign

Particularly relevant for when you’re boosting posts on Facebook and Instagram! Look through your analytics and make informed decisions about where you’re targeting your boosted posts to. Obvious example: I would only boost a post about a service based business in Melbourne to users IN Melbourne. It does go further than this though. People in regional areas may have different interests to those who live in metropolitan areas. Think about all these factors when deciding where you’re going to boost your post to!

4. Mindset < Capability when hiring staff for tech roles

Obviously capability is important but in today’s age of rapid, ever growing technology, invest in staff members who are adaptable and open to change. General Manager of Customer Data at NAB, Patrick McQuaid noted that a potential employees mindset is at the forefront of his mind when interviewing. They need to be open to learning new technologies and methodologies at a fast rate to keep up with industry competitors.

5. Invest in a data analysis program that you can use to your advantage!

The main lesson I took away from this whole experience is just how valuable data is to any business. From now on, I’ll be keeping a much closer eye on here my audience comes from and how I can best use this information. There are so many data analysis programs available. They vary in cost and how easy/complicated they are for the average joe to use and understand. Some that caught my attention on the day were DOMO, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and Lytics.

At the end of the day, you need to choose a program that works for you and your business. But if there’s one thing I learned at ADMA Data Day, it's that an investment in data is one you won’t regret.

Thanks to The Right Fit for facilitating this feature.

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