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Build brand awareness for your new store

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When you’re opening a new store, you’ll need to use some marketing techniques to build brand awareness and bring people in. Over time, you’ll be able to build up regular customers and make yourself better known, but in the first few weeks, it’s vital that you make a good impression on the locals in your area.

Whatever your store is selling, there are several methods for getting the right sort of attention. These include digital marketing as well as more other, more classic methods.

Using a mixture of techniques will help you to capture as many impressions as possible and reinforce your message.

Balloons and Goodie Bags

The best way to make your brand visible is by persuading people to carry your logo around with them. How do you do this? You give people something to carry around and a reason to do it. What about balloons?! You can easily put your logo on lots of bright colors. Give a balloon to customers who come into the store for them to carry around. Free marketing!

You can also try giving out goodie bags. Your bags are one of the easiest ways to get your logo out there and seeing lots of people with your bags will make others curious about what they are and where they are from. You don’t need to put anything expensive in there, but do put in a brochure of your wears and a couple of bits and pieces to entice them back such as discount vouchers or a loyalty card which you can have made here.

Post leaflets in your local area

Before you open your store, you should tell people in the local area about your launch. Leaflets are an obvious choice and designed well, they can be a brilliant way to show off your products and get people excited about your opening. Posting leaflets will also give you a chance to tell people where your store is opening with a little printed map and a ‘we are here’ arrow.

A leaflet is also another opportunity to give people discount codes in order to entice them in.

Alternatively, you could offer free gifts to anyone with a leaflet on the opening day. This will help to maximise the number of customers you get when you launch and create an atmosphere of fun too.

Make Your Store an Experience

If you already have an online store and this is a venture to bring your store into the real world, you should concentrate on creating an experience, not just selling your goods. When people can buy online, they need a good reason to come out to your shop to see things. The more you can do to turn your shop into something more than a few shelves and a till the better.

While clothes stores probably won’t have much of a problem with this, more abstract products may be more difficult to turn into an experience. However, think about the Apple store and how the design and features of each shop have been honed to create a particular look and vibe. Channel even a small percentage of this, and your store will be intriguing enough for people to walk in and see what is going on.

Have a Party!

Launching a new store is a brilliant chance to celebrate your achievement. You’ve already made it so far… so a party is in order! Plus, turning the launch into a party is a great way to set the ball rolling and make people feel at home here. Whether you are selling toys or real estate, you can always use cupcakes topped with your logo and cups of lemonade to bring more people through the door.

If you have space, you might also like to add some novelties to your event such as a bouncy castle or circus performers to bring some excitement. This won’t suit every business so do think about what could be more appropriate for your store. For example, a beauty store might offer free makeovers or massages to everyone who comes in.

Use Social Media!

Digital marketing is always going to be one of the most efficient ways to boost your brand profile and should certainly be used alongside these other methods. Strategic ads will make a real difference and should be beneficial for your website as well as your store opening.

Use location targeting in your local area to compete with big brands too. This way you won’t waste your impressions and will be able to encourage people to go to your launch or visit your store another time.

Again, this could be a great opportunity to encourage people in with a discount code they can quote at the till. Alternatively, you could run a competition to get as many people to like your page as possible.

The more you can do to build brand awareness for your new store, the more likely you are to be successful. Throw yourself into this part of the marketing strategy to build a strong foundation for your future campaigns but make sure that everything you do comes back to your brand.


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