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Boost the street appeal of your business

Technology has changed the way entrepreneurs manage their marketing strategies. Today, a modern company wouldn’t be seen dead without a strong SEO plan and multiple social media accounts. It’s all about putting your digital presence out into the ether and attracting customers the virtual way. In many ways, traditional forms of advertising are on the decline.

Although they are old and creaking, they aren’t dead. To this day, companies still boost traffic and generate leads with billboards, fliers and business cards. Probably the biggest and most effective offline ace up your sleeve is your street appeal.

Considering 95% of people say a shop’s appearance is important, it’s time to take it seriously and here are five ways to get the job done.

Buy A Logo

Think of the buildings and offices you walk past, the ones which grab your attention – what do they have in common? The answer is a professional appearance which is offset by a logo. The brand symbol catches your eye and you notice it straight away. Businesses without logos give the impression that they aren't as sleek and professional as those who do.

But, it isn’t only the lack of logos which is important. Experts suggest 95% of small businesses have bad ones, so a good one will help you stand out from the crowd. Look out for colours, simplicity, and a connection to your business when choosing one.

And Refresh It

There's no need to invest in a new symbol every couple of months. From a marketing point of view, it’s suicide because customers won’t be able to keep up and will get confused. What refreshing means is cleaning up the signage once it begins to fade.

In the beginning, the logo and the monuments will be fresh and vivid and full of life, yet Mother Nature will take its toll. After a couple of months, they might look weathered and haggard and that will reflect on the business. The foot traffic will assume this is how the company is run and judge you poorly. All it takes is some professional cleaners and the signage will look brand new.

Any entrepreneurs wanting to save money can do it themselves with the right equipment. For more on the supplies and tools, follow the link and check out the latest in commercial products. To be honest, outsourcing the job is an affordable and hassle-free option.

Green It Up

The exteriors of buildings look drab or clinical; there's no in between. What makes the foot traffic notice a business is the stuff that’s different. It’s the things are outside of the box and familiar at the same time.

Before you say that doesn’t make sense, imagine your home. Inside and out, there will be lots of greenery and materials which make you feel warm and cosy. By having these elements outside of the office then, you can evoke these feelings in passers-by.

Shoppers are obsessed with helping the planet and they want their consumerist choices to back up their agenda. Those that don’t are cast to the side until they modernise. Planting trees and flowers on the exterior of the property indirectly shows you care about the environment. You’re doing your bit by covering as many bases as possible. Now that’s street appeal.

Speak To Your Neighbours

There you are, cleaning the windows and sweeping the pavement on a daily basis while your neighbours are doing sweet FA. Your side of the road looks hospital clean, yet there’s appears as if a bomb has hit it during the night. Sadly, consumers won’t make the distinction. To them, a dirty area is representative of the all the organisations in the region whether they’re trying to boost their curb appeal or not.

Before blowing your top and starting a turf war, it’s better to speak to them face-to-face. Explain to the owner why you think it’s essential to maintain the exterior of the properties and ask them if they’ll pick up the slack. Some neighbours offer to clean parts of the adjoining premises to look after their fortunes.

Take a look at these tips for more info on how to deal with a neighbour who is less than pleasant to deal with.

Visualise The Merchandise

The shop window effect is a real thing and passers-by will come into the store based on the things they see from the street.

It’s not only about putting your most important products in view; you also want to be creative. Retailers do this by creating outfits that are different from the rest on the market. Their flair for fashion sets them apart from the rest. Always try and use visual merchandising as a way to solve a problem as that’s what shoppers need.

The main goal is to use what you have to your advantage to appeal to strangers on the street.


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