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Beauty guru Rowi Singh on her top 5 tips for creating a daring eye look.

Makeup trends are always changing and evolving, so mastering the perfect eye look can be difficult. Whether you're starting off as a beginner or just trying to perfect the art of new and different eyeshadow looks, there's always room to learn and expand your skills.

The Beauty Drop Ambassador and Makeup Artist, Rowi Singh shares her top 5 tips for creating a daring eye look so you’re ready to express yourself and be bold with your makeup looks.

Rowi Singh tutorial
Rowi Singh shares how to achieve a daring eye look

1. Experimentation is key

I love doing my makeup. Makeup is a creative outlet! Take advantage of it, don’t be afraid to experiment. Makeup allows me to be able to explore my identity through creativity, and my favourite way to do so, is through my bold eye looks. Observe and take in what others are doing around you. You're allowed to draw inspiration from others to find a starting point.

2. Prep your skin before doing your makeup

Prepare and take care of your skin. Never forget the importance of good, glowy skin. There is no better feeling for me personally.

Sometimes I'll go 0-100 with my makeup looks. There's nothing wrong with a nice glowy look with minimal makeup, but the base of any makeup look is fresh, clean, and healthy skin. I’m a self-

confessed makeup and skincare addict so another piece of advice is, don’t forget protection.

Wear sunscreen! I keep my eye area in check with the Sunday Riley Afterglow Cream and brightening eye cream on top of that.

3. Try something different and daring

My favourite trend at the moment is the ‘siren eyes’ look. It’s not something I ever would have considered before, as its much moodier and darker than what I usually do. But now, I can't get enough of it, it really is my go-to! So don’t be afraid to try new things and now is the time with The Beauty Drop event starting on the 7th and 8th September where you can get a range of deals and offers on some of your favourite premium beauty products!

4. Always mascara last

Mascara on top lashes only. This just keeps my look natural, no matter how bold and crazy it can be with the colours.

5. Take your look to the next level

Add rhinestones for an elevated look. If not, to finish off I can’t live without M.A.C Cosmetics Whirl Lip Stick, it’s a certified makeup staple for me and it is one of the products you can get during The Beauty Drop event – so don’t miss out!


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