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Back to school, TAKE 2!

With most kids back at school for the second time this year, here's our guide on what to buy to get them through the rest of 2020.

School wear

Best and Less have an affordable range of school and sports wear.

cheap school uniforms

kids smart watch

Stay connected without a smart phone with the Spacetalk Kids Watch with Phone and GPS.

Lunch time

Decor have an affordable and diverse range of lunchboxes. If you're looking to keep food warm or cool, try the Thermos Funtainer Insulated Food Jar.

HOT TIP! Save money by buying school snacks in bulk on

Home office and stationery

Kikki.K have a stunning range of school stationery. Read about it HERE.

School sport

With school and after school sport coming back, invest in a great, supportive pair of sports runners for your child.

skechers for kids


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