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  • Katie Lowndes

5 ways to wind down for a better night sleep

katie lowndes

Author & wellness coach, Katie Lowndes shares her top 5 tips for winding down at the end of the day.

1. As creatures of habit, I find it's so important to have a good wind down routine before bed. For me personally, the first step starts as I get home from work. Or for the majority of us right now, finishing our day of work at home! Even though I'm working from home, I still wear something different to my relax time. This could be changing from sweatpants to pj’s but still involves taking off a bra and removing workload from the day.

2. I'm lucky to have a bath so will have a good soak in some salts a couple of days a week, and on the other days a quick warm shower does the trick. This important ritual truly cleanses away the day. The warmth opens up the pores so I can follow with an application of relaxing body oil with essential oils to help me unwind. Currently I use the Subtle Energies BLISS oil and then I mix it up with the NEOM Sleep body moisturiser which contains Magnesium, known to help with anxiety and stress.

3. With the outside of the body taken care of, now we need to focus on the inside! It’s recommended to avoid caffeine after midday if you can, so I try to stick to that as much as possible. After a healthy dinner packed with veggies, I end on a Rooibos tea. You can really end on any herbal tea that you choose but for me there is something really comforting about a red bush (Rooibos) tea with a drop of milk, and of course it’s caffeine free and rich in antioxidants. I’m also a sucker for a Turmeric and Ginger latte at the moment too!

4. While I drink my tea, if there is anything on my mind, I talk it out over dinner, or scribble it down in my Monkey Mind Journal. This way my to do list is done or worries have been acknowledged and dealt with.

5. Last not but not least, the phone goes on silent by 8pm and sits face down on the kitchen bench where it stays until the morning. Why? I like to avoid the blue light but also any emails and notifications. I also find if I’m having conversations late at night, I am thinking about them in bed or dreaming about them all night! This way, I switch off and watch some TV or read a good book before some much-needed shut eye.

Katie Lowndes is a life coach, author & founder of


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