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5 simple ways you can de-stigmatise sexual health

As identified by the World Health Organisation, sexual health is a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing in relation to sexuality. With so many women still learning to love and have power over their mind, body and soul, there has never been a better time to open up the conversation and get talking about female sexual health.

womens sexual health
Let's talk about our sexual health!

For too long, women’s sexual health has been considered ‘dirty’, ‘immoral’ or ‘unspeakable’, causing many females to shut up shop and keep these topics, their feelings and health concerns trapped inside. As a result, many women don’t receive the help, advice or treatment they need to be the best and healthiest version of themselves. This stigma can also put women at higher risk as it can mean people are less educated and don’t seek health advice or treatment for fear of being ostracized about their personal conditions or concerns.

Having good reproductive and sexual health is a privilege many do not have, which is why Australian digital health service, Youly are breaking down the stigma associated with these topics and providing more accessible, convenient, and discrete options. With so many Aussie women leading busy lives, expanding accessibility through online and versatile delivery options means there is now no excuse for forgetfulness or fear of being judged at the pharmacy.

While services like Youly exist, it’s also important to remember attitude and conversation play a huge role in making females feel comfortable discussing topics about their sexual health to ensure the chicks are getting onto their health concerns quick smart.

Here are some ways we can de-stigmatise women’s sexual health

youly app
Youly is a convenient, discrete online service

1. Talk to your friends – share your concerns or an issue you may have had and how it was fixed. While this isn’t medical advice, it may prompt you or them to get checked or seek professional help.

2. Be open about your sexual desires, feelings and experiences with partners – understand that consensual sex is two-sided and involves both people.

3. Talk to the men in your life about sexual health topics – it can be daunting to approach this but take queues from news stories or social media posts along with factual and research-based information.

4. Consider what is best for you and your lifestyle – we now have the ability to control our reproductive health and choose when and if we want to have children. Exercise your rights and consider what you want for your future.

5. Be mindful of judgement – consider your opinion when someone exercises the right to their body and choices? Is your response fueled by internal misogyny? Check yourself and consider compassion and people’s personal freedoms before labelling.

Remember, if you are ever worried about your health or need advice, visit your GP, pharmacist or consult the experts online on a platform like Youly.

Youly is one of Australia’s leading women’s digital health platforms putting the power back into the hands of women when it comes to making choices about contraception and their health – all through one discrete and accessible service.


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