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5 Mum-hacks for becoming more organised, from a not-so organised Mum

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A moment of calm among the chaos

Parenting can be HECTIC. Throw in that most of us work and are also trying to keep a somewhat tidy home, it's no wonder we can get frazzled AF.

I'm guilty of piling too much onto my already full plate, so I spoke to some Mum pals and these were some of the tips they had for keeping organised.

Use Online Tools

Online calendars and tools for project planning that will work for your own particular set of circumstances will become your best friend Have a colour code for each family member so you can keep track of who is where and when.

Shop for the week and write out your meal plan!

This is also a great way of staying on budget. Plan your meals around what you already have in your pantry and fridge. Freeze meals for future when you can!

Give Everything A Home

Anyone else feel like they're constantly picking up stuff!? One of the reasons we often feel disorganized is that there are ‘things’ everywhere. Invest in shelves for books and storage for toys. Make it a fun task at the end of each day for the kids to pack up after themselves.

Prepare The Night Before

Making lunches, packing bags, laying out clothes, even packing the car can all save you time and ensure your mornings are a simpler time, starting your day off right. The morning should be a time of stress-free routine, getting up, washing, dressing, having breakfast, and leaving the house with time to spare.

Outsource where you can

Whether it's putting the kids in daycare, hiring a house cleaner or even getting your groceries delivered to your door. If it makes life easier and it's within your means, DO IT!

The ultimate piece of advice? Embrace the chaos. If it's not going to matter in a month's time DO NOT give it too much energy. Our kids will only be messy kids for so long, and I have a feeling many of us will miss these crazy, messy moments one day.


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