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5 minutes with Bekka May, the insta-famous makeup bag that fits it all

Bekka May travel makeup bag
Photographer: Madeleine Gill

It's the makeup bag that has a cult following and is loved by some of Australia's most popular influencers. She Does This spends 5 minutes with Bekka May founder, Cat Sceney...

1. Bekka May is the ‘travel makeup bag that fits it all’. What inspired you to start the business?

I had been wanting to start a business for a while but hadn’t found a product I was really passionate about. Then when I came up with the idea for a makeup bag that was functional and could fit everything perfectly for travel, I was instantly all in. This bag made my work and life so much easier because I only needed one bag instead of the five smaller bags I constantly had to pack.

2. What sets Bekka May apart from the rest?

The look is the first stand out. You don’t see many makeup bags that also look like a cute handbag. We have some customers actually use them as handbags or nappy bags as well. I love how versatile they are.

Functionality was the main difference I was after. Being able to carry just one makeup bag instead of 5 little ones, for makeup, toiletries, cosmetics and haircare. The Bekka May Cosmetic Bag folds out with three sections, a brush holder, a large secure compartment and a removable clear bag. This makes it super easy to access all your cosmetics and keeps everything in its place.

Bekka May travel makeup bag
Photographer: Neeta Hickey

Another distinction is the size. The bag looks small but somehow fits everything you need and every time you pack it you’re shocked by how much fits in.

3. You manage to run Bekka May as well as work as a flight attendant, how do you fit it all in?!

best travel makeup bag

Balance is something I really struggle with and am always trying to work on. Something that took me a long time to get is that having other people do some of the work for you is the best thing ever.

Realising what your strengths are and where you're most valuable in your business is important. Then you know the areas to find people smarter than you and hire them to do that work.

You can’t do everything yourself. Well at least I can’t haha!

4. What would be your best piece of advice to someone wanting to launch a side hustle business?

I would say do your research and then just jump in. You will never be completely ready and you will always make mistakes especially at the start. You just need to go for it and learn as you go. Even if you do years of research, you'll always learn the most in the first few months and learn by the mistakes you make.

5. Finally, what are your makeup bag essentials?

I am skincare obsessed. I think the older I get the more I realise the importance of skincare, especially when you travel as much as I do. Spending a little bit more to look after your skin is well worth it.

Because I have to wear so much makeup when I am flying and sometimes for 18+ hrs, when I am not flying I like to give my skin a bit of a break. I love a dewy bronze look, something natural and I love the look like you’ve come from the beach.

bekka may makeup bag
Photographer: Neeta Hickey

You can follow Bekka May on Instagram or purchase online here


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