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5 changes to make your home look infinitely better

Do you feel like your interior just doesn’t look as good as it should, or like there’s something missing?

Here, we've got 5 outrageously simple pointers that can make just about any interior look infinitely better. Seriously - try out a few of these tips and you’ll realise the potential in your home!

Get Rid Of Visual Clutter

Although visual clutter may not actually be taking up much space, it can still make your home look messy and unprofessional. You create visual clutter when you have too many sides cluttered up with ornaments, especially small ornaments. It’s much better to add larger ornaments that will make a bigger impact and statement, rather than lots of small ones.

Add More Texture

A home devoid of texture can feel cold, and even boring. Adding more texture makes it look far cosier, so find ways you can add more texture and layer it up to make an impact. For example, you could use quality persian rugs to bring a bit of color and pattern into your home, and use them to section off parts of the home - which can also make a small space appear far more spacious. You can use throws, cushions, and more to incorporate more texture. Get creative with it, but make sure you don't use texture that will trap allergens and cause problems to your health.

Fresh lick of paint

Don't underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Getting rid of scuff marks and general wear and tear makes a huge difference.

Use Mirrors To Extend Your Space

Mirrors can be used to effectively extend your space as long as you place them correctly and choose the right size. A large mirror can make all the difference to a small room.

Get The Right Light bulbs

Fluorescent casts harsh lights, so change your light bulbs and it’ll change the look of your home. A softer, warmer light bulb will cast a more flattering light on everyone and everything!


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