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5 celeb hairstyles we're loving for 2019

Celebrities all over the world have their trademark hairstyle. Who hasn't taken a photo of their favourite celeb into their hairdressers for them to give you?!

Here are some of our favourite styles going into 2019...

Shoulder-Length tousled locks

Shoulder length hair is probably the ultimate go-to hairstyle. It helps to frame the face, making you appear more energetic and vibrant. We love Selena's tousled long bob look. This is also one of the safest options out there if you're after a new look: great if you don’t want to make a radical change.

Straight Blonde Hair

Supermodel Gigi Hadid uses straight blonde hair to complement her lighter complexion. Straight blonde hair with a center parting looks great on women with naturally square or round faces.

Getting this look is easy too: no crimping or curling involved. All you need is a quality hair straightener and you're good to go.

We love Silver Bullet straighteners. Great quality at an affordable price point!

Center Parting

Michelle Pfeiffer is one of the most glamorous women in the world. She maintains her trademark appearance by sticking to a tried and tested method: the center part.

Center partings help to round out the face, making it appear softer and more elegant. Don’t feel that you have to make the parting exactly center, as it can look a little unnatural. It’s okay to keep if it's off to the left or right slightly, so long as it frames the face.

Super short cut

To pull off a short cut, you need a professional stylist, something you can read more about at

Short cuts can go wrong, but if you have a stylist who's able to do it, the results can be remarkable. Just look at the way that celebrities like Julianne Hough effortlessly pull off the look. Short hair on women is attention-grabbing and takes a tremendous amount of confidence to wear. But with the right molding and shaping, it can look genuinely spectacular.

The messy pixie

Pixie cuts have been described as “edgy” or “daring” so they're not for everyone says With that said, these styles do an incredible job of flattering women with round faces - at least that’s what Audrey Tautou thinks.

You don’t have to have a perfectly combed pixie cut every time you go out. According to Kris Jenner of Cosmopolitan Magazine, messing it up works even better. A messy pixie is more edgy than it’s straight-combed conservative counterpart, and can really add contrast to a rounder face.

Which hairstyle will you be taking into the new year?


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